Angel Number 77 : Meaning and Messages

Meaning of the number 77

What is the meaning of 77? What is the message behind the angel number 77?

Has the number 77 been appearing to you a lot lately? Do you know what does it mean? Do you think it is just a coincidence? Because it isn’t!

Keep reading below, and you will discover the hidden meaning behind Angel Number 77.


77 : Message from your Guardian Angel


Each angel number brings an angel message. A message that your protective angel wants to convey to you. These messages bring valuable angelic insight, which you can use to resolve the issues you are going through right now.

This message can also help you make a decision and guide you on your life path. Whatever happens, take the time to listen to what your angel wants to tell you, because he is above all trying to help you.



77 Angel Number : Message

Through the appearance of 77, your Guardian Angel wants to tell you :

“Go ahead. We will guide you.”

77 is like an encouragement. You might be thinking about taking the first step on a new project or beginning a mission that seams to be important for you.

But so far, you weren’t totally decide to take this first step.

Your angel is trying to encourage you to put your mind in action. As long as you’re doing good things, your angel will support you on this new adventure.


What your angel is trying to say with 77

With 77, your angels have decided that they will take some weight off your shoulders, by making your doubts disappear.

With a good spiritual guidance, everything can be possible.


Angel number 77

“Go ahead. We will guide you.”


77 in Numerology


The knowledge about the meaning and symbolism hidden in numbers is ancient. The Ancient Greek mathematicians, such as Pythagoras, have discovered and studied it for most of their lives. This kind of study is called Numerology. It got lost some centuries after them, but was revived some decades ago. We know that the meaning of every number is correlated with their digits.


Secret number behind

Behind every number more than one-digit in size, there is a hidden digit whose appears through the composition of existing digits.

This secret number is obtained by summing all of the digits of the number until only a single digit remain.

For 77, you begin by the addition :  7 + 7 = 14, then  1 + 4 = 5.

5 is the secret number hidden in 77.

The digit 5 is associated with adventures and new experiences. There will be many new positive experiences in your life, specially during the time of your life which will be dedicated to the completion of your divine mission.

Your angels will help you deal with them or even create them for you.


Symbolism of Angel Number 77

The appearance of the angel number 77 is a sign that you are at the beginning of something new in your life. Something that can be essential to accomplish your real life mission.

The angels are there to remind you that they will help you on this new journey.


77 in the Bible

In the Bible, 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. According to the Gospel of Luke, from Adam to Jesus there 77 generations. In the Gospel of Matthew, Peter asked Jesus how many times he should forgive his brother, and Jesus replied: “seventy-seven times”.


What does it mean when you see 77?


It is not always obvious what you should do after the number 77 is starting to appear in your life. Before you do anything, you should take some time for yourself to meditate and try to interpret its meaning regarding the situation in your life. Look into your heart, and you will discover what the message behind 77 it truly means.


What does the number 77 mean in love?

In love, the number 77 means that your angels will do everything in their power to help you to make the good decision for your love life. If you are currently in a relationship, and you are hesitating to make some changes or decisions, it may be a sign from your angels.

They want you to think about your current love life and move forward. By going to the next step of engagement with your partner or stopping everything if you’re not finding happiness in your current relationship.

If you are currently single, sudden changes may come in your life, in a form you are not expecting. You may suddenly meet the love of your life. But you have to be ready to receive love, otherwise, love will not reveal itself to you.


What should you do if you see 77 in your life?

If 77 keeps appearing to you, be assured that your life will be moving a lot during the following weeks (in a good way).

Take it like an encouragement to do things you wanted to do for a long time. Keep up working or studying but balance it by doing things you had in mind for a long time.

You may realize soon that you are at the beginning of a new journey. The journey that will bring you to the accomplishment of your life mission.


77: Meanings


Angel Number 77 Meanings
General meaning The angels will help you in your path.
Angel Message “Go ahead. We will guide you.”
Symbolism of Angel Number 77 You are approaching the completion of your divine mission.
Meaning in the Bible Jesus Christ guidance.
Love advice Many sudden positive changes.
Quote “When you trust your inner guidance and begin moving in the direction of your dreams (aligned with your individual gifts) you will be cloaked in an armor bestowed upon you by your guardian angel.” ― Charles F. Glassman
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