Angel Number 1010 : Meaning and Messages

Meaning of the number 1010

What is the meaning of 1010? Is 1010 an Angel Number? What is the message behind 1010?

Has the number 1010 manifested itself to you recently? Do you know what this means? A number that appears repeatedly in your daily life is an angel number.

In this article, we will talk about the meaning of the angel number 1010.


1010 : Message from your Guardian Angel


The fact of seeing a number repeated several times is a clue that you are in the presence of an angel number.

Angel numbers are a means used by angels to bring you guidance.


1010 Angel Number : Message

By using the Angel Number 1010, your angel is trying to let you know the following message:

“Be positive and the positive shall come.”


What your angel is trying to say with 1010

The angel number 1010 hides a message of encouragement.

With 1010, your angel seeks to encourage you to be more positive in your life.

Even if you are currently having a few issues in your life or things don’t seem to be going the right way for you, you need to be optimistic.


Angel number 1010

“Be positive and the positive shall come.”


The universe works with energies. Negative energies attract the negative. Positive energies attract the positive.

Being more positive in your life will allow you to attract good things around you and make your life better.


1010 in Numerology


In numerology, the number 1 symbolizes a new beginning, a new stage on your life path.

The number 0 represents both the beginning and the end. The end of a cycle that allows the start of a new cycle, usually better.

1010 symbolizes the beginning of a time of optimism and ending of a time of pessimism.


1010 Biblical Meaning


In the Bible, the number 1 symbolizes unity and primacy.

The number 0 represents God and his divine nature.

The number 1010 represents the unity of the world through faith in God.


1010 : mirror hour


An angel number may appear on your watch or clock.

This is the case of the number 1010 which will appear at 10:10 am and 10:10 pm.

When this phenomenon of synchronicity appears, we speak of the appearance of a mirror hour.

Behind each mirror hour hides a precise message from your guardian angel.


10 : 10 am : meaning

If you are seeing 10:10 a.m. appear, it is because the angels want you to know that no matter how difficult your current problems or how complex your plans are, you should not lose your optimism.

Your guardian angel supports you and trusts you to find solutions.


10 : 10 pm : meaning

If you see 10:10 at night appear, your angel is trying to make you understand that you are reaching your goal.

You are about to see your work and efforts paid off. One more last effort.


1010 for your love life?


In love, with the angel number 1010, your angel invites you to get more involved in your romantic relationships.

If you’re in a relationship and feeling great, don’t be afraid to engage with your loved one more.

Let him or her know that he or she is important to you.

If you are in love, don’t be afraid to say “I love you”.

Single, you have to express what is on your heart more.

When you meet someone you like, don’t be shy. Dare to clearly express what you are feeling. Your angel encourages you to express more what you have on your heart.


What should you do if you see 1010 in your life?


When the angel number 1010 appears, it is because your angel is trying to make you change your mentality.

Your angel wants you to be optimistic in your life.

Lately, you may have been pessimistic about some areas of your life.

You may have felt a sort of weariness or even a certain loneliness in front of your reality.

You have to face life with more courage and more positivity.

By forcing yourself into positivity, you will be able to change your morals. Most importantly, positivity will draw the positive into your life.


1010: Meanings


Angel Number 1010 Meanings
General meaning Be optimistic in your life.
Angel Message “Be positive and the positive shall come.”
1010 in numerology  Beginning of a time of optimism and ending of a time of pessimism.
Mirror hour 10:10 am Don’t lose your optimism, whatever the difficulties are.
Mirror hour 10:10 pm You are about to see your work and efforts paid off.
Biblical Meaning The unity of the world through faith in God.
Love advice Don’t be afraid to get more involved in your relationship.
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